If you are looking for ways to slowly and steadily improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing, it can sometimes be somewhat perplexing trying to decipher the onslaught of recommendations and advertisements coming your way from all directions.

One of the most traditional, yet one of the most well respected and proven, ways to make a small change to your daily life that can lead to impressive boosts in your health and wellbeing is that of the introduction of green tea into your diet.

With this in mind, continue reading for a comprehensive guide to green tea and the best varieties to try.

What Exactly Is Green Tea?

Green tea is one of the oldest and most traditional types of tea of them all and is often referred to as being a type of ‘true’ tea, which essentially means that it is derived from Camellia Sinensis. The tea plant Camellia Sinensis also produces other types of true tea, namely white tea, black tea, and oolong.

The most important elements to a quality batch of green tea, regardless of the specific variety, are the texture, appearance, and scent, with different varieties containing different properties.

Top 5 Varieties Of Green Tea

Although there is a wide range of varieties of green tea, there are certainly some varieties that are reportedly more effective, not to mention more delicious, than others. The top five varieties of green tea include the following:

  • Japanese Matcha Green Tea

One of the more full-bodied green teas, Japanese matcha green tea, sourced from a reputable green matcha tea store, matures when ingested and is one of the sweeter varieties.

  • Genmaicha Green Tea

Buddhist monks used to use Genmaicha tea centuries ago, and the taste is somewhat toasty, as it is usually combined with rice kernels.

  • Longjing Green Tea

Often called Dragon Well tea, Longjing is the most famous green tea and originates from China.

  • Mint Green Tea

Mint Green tea is a specific variety of tea that uses mint that is finely chopped to combine with the tea leaves.

  • Jasmine Green Tea

During the Qing Dynasty in the middle of the 17th century, Jasmine green tea gained popularity and consists of tea leaves infused with jasmine flowers.

Known Health Benefits Of Green Tea

There is a myriad of benefits to regularly introducing one or more varieties of green tea into your diet, some of which can boost your emotional health and others that have been scientifically proven to aid your physical wellbeing.

Such benefits of green tea include an overall improvement in cognitive brain function, a lowered risk of some forms of cancer, a reduction in halitosis, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and assistance in living longer.

Other advantages of green tea include the improvement in the ability to lose weight and to keep said weight off in the future, the prevention of the development of type 2 diabetes, and the increase in the speed at which the body recovers from injury.

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