As life goes on and time goes by, it can be easy to start neglecting your bathroom. It’s just a functional space, right? We don’t really spend much time in there – except for the odd bath here and there. But with that said, this is no excuse to neglect it! You should take pride in your bathroom. It is the one room that we want to look the best when we have guests over. I have lived in some grotty flats in my time and due to this, I picked up lots of useful (and cheap!) tips and tricks to spruce up your bathroom.

1. Replace your Bathroom Accessories

When I say bathroom accessories I mean: shower curtains, bathmats, towels, toothbrush holder – even the toilet roll stand (if you have one). Replacing these things can instantly refresh your bathroom and make it feel brand new. I try to change my shower curtain every month or so if possible. It’s such a great feeling to take a shower with a nice, bright, brand new shower curtain. And once you finish your shower, you’ll be stepping on a soft new bath mat, drying yourself with a brand new towel etc – it all makes the difference! This is also great because, if like me, you changed this stuff monthly, you could literally have a different coloured bathroom every month.

2. Regrout your Bathroom (Or give it a deep clean)

Regrouting your bathroom is definitely not as fun as picking a new colour scheme for it, but it really makes it look much cleaner and fresh. If you want to avoid having to use grout or would rather a different option, you could give it a deep clean instead. There are several ways that I would do this.

My go-to method would be to get bleach and pour it from the top just before the ceiling and let it drip all the way down the grout. My tiles are only around my bathtub and therefore the bleach drips down into there, so be sure to lay something down if you need to. Now leave the bleach to do its thing for about an hour or so and after that use a sponge (not the one from the kitchen sink!) along with the shower to scrub down the group from top to bottom. If you’d prefer not to use bleach there are a number of bathroom cleaning products you can use instead that are just as effective.

3. Get a plant (I’m serious!)

Adding a plant to your bathroom makes it feel both homey yet classy in my opinion. I have a small cactus in my bathroom on my windowsill – cacti are great because you never have to water them! That being said, your plant doesn’t actually have to be a live plant – you could buy a fake one. They are much easier to deal with and never die, which is great. I would advise that you try to get a small one in a plant pot as most of the time bathrooms don’t have much extra space, and the last thing you want to do is knock it over.

Another great reason for getting a plant is, most plants will have to be watered fairly often. Meaning that you will have a responsibility to take care of it, and in turn, will give you a sense of purpose to look after the rest of your bathroom.

4. Add some Artwork

In all the best bathrooms there is always art! Go on, Google it! It’s also something nice to look at when you are doing your business. Now, I bet you are wondering where to get artwork from?

Well, here are some ideas:

  • Go to your local charity shop
  • Have Children? Hang up their drawings
  • Print your favourite quote on some paper and frame it
  • Do any of your family members enjoy painting or drawing? Hang up their masterpieces! I was fortunate enough that my Grandfather loves to paint in his spare time and had a collection of paintings and drawings that just sat in his attic!

And there you have it. Anytime you feel like your bathroom needs a reboot to try these actionable tips out – you won’t regret it!

Do you have any suggestions to improve your bathroom? Share them down below! For more great content, check out my bathroom blog.

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