Such a reproductive technology as surrogacy is rather new in Ukraine but it becomes more and more popular. This can be explained by the fact that foreign couples wishing to have a child often seek this service in Ukraine because surrogacy is prohibited in their home countries. For example, the governments of India, Thailand and Nepal banned commercial surrogacy for foreigners. Most European countries are abandoning this practice now, and in fact, surrogacy is legally permitted only in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and several USA states. 90% of surrogacy service clients in Ukraine are citizens of the European Union. Besides, the surrogate mother service cost in Ukraine is several times cheaper than in other countries.

The Cost of the Surrogate Mother Service in Ukraine

The price paid to a surrogate mother in Ukraine depends on many factors, e.g., on the number of children being carried or on the clinic fees. The price usually includes:

  • examination of a surrogate mother before an IVF procedure according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health requirements;
  • IVF cost;
  • the cost of medications for a surrogate mother;
  • financial obligations towards a surrogate mother in case of failure;
  • prenatal care, pregnancy maintenance and delivery;
  • legal regulation of surrogate maternity, preparation of legal documentation.

The payment for a surrogate mother in Ukraine depends on various factors as well: the number of her own children and successful births, her experience and prior participation in surrogate maternity programs. The mean fee is $10,000, but it can be higher – up to $20,000. A surrogate mother in Ukraine also gets money for clothes and food.

The Requirements for a Surrogate Mother

The current legislation allows women to be surrogate mothers from the age of 18. There are no clear limitations for the age but usually, it is a woman of 20-35 years old. A candidate for a surrogate mother must have at least one healthy child of her own. She must have a satisfactory health state confirmed by a medical certificate along with no contraindications for pregnancy. If a woman who wants to be a surrogate mother is married, a consent letter from her husband is needed. A woman must strictly adhere to doctor’s recommendations, therefore she has to be a very responsible person.

A surrogate mother has no rights over the baby. The Family Code clearly defines the origin of such children from the couple that gives biological material. Sometimes the problems occur when a surrogate mother doesn’t want to give a newborn child to his or her biological parents. Surrogacy is psychologically hard because a woman should be able to make a clear distinction between herself and the baby. She needs to understand that the baby inside is not her baby, and she is not connected with the baby genetically. The woman has to perceive surrogate maternity as a work she gets paid for. Nevertheless, sometimes the legal cases concerning child custody occur. But if there is an agreement concluded between a surrogate mother and biological parents, a judgment would be in favor of the biological parents.

So Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is very attractive for childless couples who have decided to have a child. Surrogacy is a legal practice in Ukraine and is regulated in terms of legislation. There is a variety of clinics that provide the service, and the price is significantly lower than in other countries. Besides, Ukraine is one of the few countries where surrogacy is permitted.

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