Whether you are shopping online for Asics shoes or checking out the trendiest sneakers at the mall, finding the right shoes for your feet can seem a daunting task. Most stores are stocked with shelves and shelves of shoes of all sizes, colors and shapes. There are shoes for soccer, for running, for yoga, for comfort, for hiking…. And online the number of sneakers for sale is practically limitless. So let’s take a little bit of stress out of shoe shopping with a few easy tips.

Do They Fit?

The biggest factor that should matter to you is if the sneakers fit. Do you need sneakers with good arch support? Do you need a sneaker with more cushion and protection? Does the sneaker need to be waterproof or provide additional support due to a medical condition? These are all important questions. But the first thing you need to do is size your foot.

Finding the right shoe size will ensure that you purchase a sneaker that fits you correctly. Your foot needs to fit in the sneakers snugly, but you don’t want the heel scraping against the back of the shoes. This can cause painful blisters and bleeding. Your toes should not be cramped in the front of the sneaker. Instead you should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably and enjoy relative support when you are running and walking.

If you have a medical condition like diabetes, pregnancy, or have flat feet, speak with your health professional about specific considerations that you may need to provide the right type of comfort. For example, diabetics typically have to worry about foot injury due to slow healing and nerve damage in the extremities. Because of this, they often have a sneaker that has additional support to protect the foot from injury.

Saving Money

Another reason that buyers may stress out when sneaker shopping involves price. High quality footwear can be pricy. While more casual wearers and those with lower activity levels may be able to have less expensive footwear, athletes specifically, whether novice or professional, need to protect their feet during high impact sports like running and basketball.

You can save money by timing your shoe purchases around certain times of the year. For example, Christmas and back-to-school are two times of year where sneakers will be on sale. During this time, you can save money by purchasing bulk sneakers for the whole family for the year. For example, if you have three family members that need sneakers, instead of waiting until their sneakers are worn down and in the trash, just purchase all the shoes you need during the sale. Store the unused sneakers until they are needed. By planning ahead, you can save yourself the unneeded stress of making a last-minute emergency sneaker purchase.

Know Your Sport

If you are purchasing sneakers for an athlete, speak with the coach and athletic trainers about which type of footwear is best for that sport. Each sport has its own unique requirements. By knowing which brands and design provides the most support and protection you will know that you are buying the right sneaker.

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