Gardening is a great pastime enjoyed by millions of people every day. One of the reasons gardening is so popular comes down to the fact that it’s easy for most people to do – lots of people have their own garden and no matter how small or large it is, there are always different types of plants that you can grow to make the best use of the space.

Even for those that do not have their own garden, there are many allotments around that you can rent space in and even when that is not possible you can grow many different types of plants indoors with the use of pots and bowls.

As well as the obvious benefits of gardening as a hobby there are also lots of reasons why it can be beneficial in other ways.

Getting out in the fresh air

If you can maintain an outdoor garden then it is a great excuse to get out in the open air. This is good for your body and for your spirit – connecting with nature, breathing in fresh air and being up and about outdoors is beneficial.

Light Exercise

Let’s not forget that gardening is a form of exercise – by its very nature you are going to be moving around, bending up and down and generally working different parts of your body as you maintain your garden. This is really good and can count towards your daily exercise whilst not feeling at all like exercise – so it’s ideal in this respect.

Relaxing for your body and mind

You don’t have to get too physical when gardening, you don’t have to do it at any sort of pace and there doesn’t need to be any heavy lifting involved. Because of these things, gardening is very relaxing. Not only is it relaxing physically but it is also relaxing for your mind. It’s a way to slow your brain down, take your time doing something and to not have to think too much. This makes it extremely beneficial for your mind.

Eat what you grow

This is a amazing benefit of gardening and is applicable whether you have an outdoor garden or just a small spot in your house to grow plants and vegetables. If you grow something that you can later eat then you will get a tremendous sense of achievement at the end of it, you will save yourself money and you will get to eat something that is truly fresh and free from additives, pesticides and other less than healthy contaminants.

If you have an outdoor garden there are lots of different types of vegetables you can grow at different times of the year, ranging from potatoes to strawberries. If you only have access to a small indoor area for growing your plants then you can try something like chilli peppers or even watercress.

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