It doesn’t matter whether you are in your early 20s or your late 70s, keeping your mind healthy is very important. This doesn’t just mean keeping your mind active, or working on your short-term memory but it also means keeping your mind peaceful, relaxed and not getting yourself uptight or stressed out when difficult situations arise.

Having a healthy mind can help to minimise all types of different stresses, it can help you to lead a clearer and more relaxing lifestyle and it can also prevent other physical issues from arising in your life – as we all know, stress is a key factor in many major problems that we often face in our lives.

  1. Exercise regularly

Have you ever heard the saying – healthy body, healthy mind? Well it is very true, and it means that exercise is very important if you want to keep your mind healthy. If you undertake regular exercise – and you focus on the task of exercising whilst you are doing it, then it can really help your mind in several ways. Not only does it give your mind time to relax – because whilst you are busy doing exercise you don’t need to think – but keeping your body healthy in this way is also very therapeutic for your mind – with regular exercise you tend to feel a sense of achievement that gives you peace of mind.

Regular exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym either – there are plenty of routines that you can undertake from your home and without any special equipment – for example jogging in the spot, sit-ups and even swimming or walking are great forms of exercise. The only important point is that you make the exercise meaningful – set aside time for it on a regular basis.

  1. Relax your mind

Relaxing your mind is a great way to take away things that you may be stressing over, calming your mind and stopping yourself from thinking about problems, tasks or anything else for that matter is also a great way to make yourself feel better.

There are lots of different activities that help to relax your mind – Yoga is a great example – but it is really dependant on you as an individual and you must try and find what helps you to completely relax. For some people, it is calming music and for others it might be reading a book. But finding something that allows you to just stop thinking and completely relax is key to keeping your mind healthy and giving yourself a timeout every now and again.

  1. Eating a balanced diet

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is another crucial step in keeping your mind healthy and active. Your body needs healthy foods so that it can get all the nutrients and other important components that it needs. In turn, this keeps your brain healthy and functioning correctly and ultimately if your body is well feed and watered then it will result in your mind staying healthy and focused.

  1. Share your problems

Problems might be too strong a word, but regardless, anything that you have on your mind should be shared with someone – this could be a close friend, a partner or someone in your family but sharing that problem and getting another opinion can always help to lower the burden on yourself. As the saying goes – a problem shared is a problem halved and that is very true. If you feel like you might be a burden to someone then think about this – would you be there to listen to their problems? If so then it can be a mutually beneficial relationship where you share problems with each other not to burden but rather just to get things off your chest.

  1. Break problems and tasks down into small segments

After following these steps, if you still have issues or even just day to day tasks that are on your mind then break them down into manageable segments. Once you break down tasks you can concentrate on one at a time and as a result you don’t have to think about so many things at once.

It can also help keeping a diary or a task list as well – in this way you can write down your tasks and then forget about them in the short term – this is another way of relieving your mind of everything but the immediate things you are working on.

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